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For this Bainbridge Island vacation home, the owners wanted to do whatever they could to fight those sometimes drab Seattle days, so bright colors abound, including heavy doses of their favorite color – turquoise. Limiting the palette to four colors kept a sense of cohesiveness throughout the house. Some of the best spots in the house are where you can  look out in to different spaces and see how each color plays with the others around it! Sit back and enjoy strolling through this beautiful house.


Bainbr_BA12Bainbr_BA2Bainbr_BA7 Bainbr_BA3Bainbr_BA10Bainbr_BA11

Bainbr_BA4 Bainbr_BA5 Bainbr_BA6 Bainbr_BA9 Bainbr_BA13

Here are some of my favorite bonus shots so you can see the details, like how the colors play together!



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You don’t have to be Imelda Marcos to have a shoe storage problem. Whether you have six pairs or sixty-two, you need a place to store your shoes when they’re not on your feet.

Here are some fun, attractive storage solutions that go well beyond the boring shoe box.

1)  Stash them under the bedskirt.
Clear plastic pockets tucked under this bedskirt keep shoes neatly organized and off the floor while making it easy to find the right pair for the day ahead.

Photo source: Grosgrain Fabulous

2) Hang them up.
Get rid of the boot pile-up in the back of your closet for good! Skirt hangers help preserve the shape of your boots and allows you to easily scan your selection, too. Also works great with a number of shoe styles.

Photo source: Pretty Please

3) Dress them up.
Hate hiding your gorgeous shoes in the closet? Make them part of the decor! Simply paint a decorative strip of moulding a cute color and nail it to the wall.

Photo source: Apartment Therapy

4) Go tubular.
I just love this modern, industrial look. PVC piping stacked together adds not only architectural interest, but plenty of storage for anything from shoes to scarves and gloves to keys! Create a simple seat by mounting boards on top of the stack.

Photo source: Sheila Ponties Design

5) Clip them together.
A basket by the front door or in your bedroom can provide great shoe storage, but it can also be easy to lose mates in the shuffle. Simply clip them together for a quick, inexpensive solution.

Photo source: The Kissters

6) Spin them.
A Lazy Susan is most definitely not just for the kitchen anymore. Get shoes out of the dark recesses of the closet and make good use of vertical space with this attractive, functional display.

Photo source: Houzz – ShoeCase

Let’s be clear. I totally support your shoe habit – I have one, too! By following the fetish through with one of these easy, affordable storage solutions, you’ll get even more pleasure from your shoes both on and off your feet. Get started with one today!


Top Shop Tuesday

July 22, 2014

Orange summer sunsets and clear blue skies make the perfect inspiration for this Top Shop setting! Somehow both soothing and bold at the same time – I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Find more great pieces on the Nest Online Shop.


1. Lucas Transitional Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light, 2. Paul Transitional Table Lamp, 3. Pillow, 4. Riddle Console, 5. Stanford Hammered Aluminum Stool, 6. Rowland Blue-Green Transitional Hand Hooked Rug


5 Pin Friday

July 18, 2014

I’m not going to be that Pacific Northwesterner who begs for sunshine most of the year, then complains about the heat for the brief time it’s here, but I will say it’s nice to take a little break to play on the computer… in the cool shade of the indoors! Enjoy my latest Pinterest finds!

  1. Huh, kinda like the glowing orb of the sun, don’tcha think?
  2. And speaking of seeing clearly, how cool is this see-thru light switch!!lightswitch
  3. For when you have a little bit of energy and feel like spending it on easy summer crafts!SummerCrafts
  4. And on the subject of crafts, how cool is this upcycled message board? Framed glass that is painted on the back, or you could put up a pretty patterned paper!UpcycledMessageboard
  5. When you’re done with all those crafts, it’s time to wash up. It’s amazing how good looking, small sinks are hard to find, but this one is a beaut!Sink