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I am honored to have been awarded “Best of Houzz” for Customer Satisfaction by Houzz. I love what I do, and working with all of you fantastic people is what drives me. Thank you for all the lovely feedback and comments that led to this recognition.

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Texture Tips: 5 Places to Make Your Home More Visually Interesting

While it’s natural to want to jump right into your room’s layout and color scheme, texture is a key component to setting the tone for the room, too. To clarify, by texture I mean the interplay of shape, pattern, and finish that creates dimension. It’s the subtle (or not so subtle) art of mixing and matching that makes a space dynamic and interesting.

There are many ways and places to play with texture. You can even create texture by blending styles, like vintage and modern, in one space.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

#1 – Focus on floors.

Tile is one of my favorite ways to add some pizazz in a small room, either from the tile material itself, from the pattern you create with the tile, or from the contrast you create with another surface in the room.

Photo Credit: Houzz

hex tiles floor.jpg

Photo Credit: The Apron Blog

Cork has become a hot ticket as far as flooring goes, and for good reason: it’s all-natural, great for people with allergies, and a bit cushioned for comfort. Besides all that, it looks great and adds instant visual interest without a lot of fuss.

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

cork flooring.jpg

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

And of course one of the easiest ways to add texture to your floors is with carpet or a really great area rug.


Photo Credit: Design Love Fest

circles rug.jpg

Photo Credit: Rosenberry Rooms


#2 – Have your way with the walls.

Wood paneling isn’t just for the 70’s anymore. Ok, so maybe wood paneling really is a thing of the past, but there are lots of creative and contemporary ways to incorporate wood plank on walls to create a warm, rustic look that can be both cozy and modern.

wood wall.jpg

Photo Credit: Mandy Jean Chic

Photo Credit: Project Nursery

Wallpaper has made a comeback, too. Whether you choose a textured wallpaper to literally add texture or play with pattern to liven things up, it’s a relatively affordable way to add a unique touch that can truly transform a space.

grass wallpaper.jpg

Photo Credit: Red River Interiors

It’s a sad fact that many people still only think of tile when it comes to the bathroom or a backsplash. Want some drama (the good kind) in a small space? Do the whole darn wall!

metallic bick wall.jpg

Photo Credit: Decor Pad

When it comes to making a statement, consider tile with texture over a bold color. It will be easier to incorporate accents and might not feel so two-years ago trendy down the road.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

hex wall.jpg

Photo Credit: Design Milk

#3 – Expand your artistic horizons.  

Art doesn’t need to be limited to tidy framed classics hung in perfect order. I mean, unless that’s your thing. There is a whole world of creative, beautiful things out there waiting to be displayed on your wall!

Mix and match. Play with dimension. Tell a story.

Photo Credit:  Pinterest

Photo Credit: Driven By Decor

Photo Credit: House Beautiful

The fireplace mantel is a perfect spot to try your hand at depth and texture without making any big changes or investments.

Photo Credit: Addicted2Decorating

Photo Credit: Chic on a Shoestring Decorating

#4 – Have a fabric free-for-all.

Throw pillows. Bed linens. Furniture upholstery. Fabric is one of my all-time favorite ways to change the look of a room quickly and with minimal cost. Swap pieces between rooms to keep things fresh without buying a thing!

pillows target.jpg

Photo Credit: Target

layered pillows.jpg

Photo Credit: Cute Home Design

pink couch and throws.jpg

Photo Credit: Decor8


Photo Credit: Lemonade Makin’ Mama

#5 – Make a ceiling statement.

Granted, changing up your ceiling can take a bit of thought and work, but the effect can be nothing short of stunning.

ceiling tiles.jpg

Photo Credit: Interior Design Info

wood ceiling 2.jpg

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

painted ceiling.jpg

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

I find that playing with texture is one area that feels risky to my clients but also really lights them up. When it’s missing, you might not be able to name it but even a beautiful room can tend to fall flat.

When evaluating floor choice or art in isolation, it’s easy to think a more creative option is too much. But in the context of your room or space, all the elements work together. Think about the big picture and mix and match to convey the desired texture and feeling over time. Before you know it, creating texture and dimension in your home will be second nature.

The post above is a copy of the article I wrote for the online publication of Seattle’s Child, where I publish bi-weekly articles on home organization. To see a complete list of all past articles, please visit the Reclaim Your Home section on Seattle’s Child. See this article on the Seattle’s Child website here


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I get asked about photo organization and storage a lot. I mean, A LOT. And to be honest, the question always makes me cringe a little bit.

The truth is, until now, I have avoided the entire issue in my personal life. Perhaps like you, I’ve been so overwhelmed by the years of digital photos I’ve accumulated, I haven’t known where to start.

But it’s a new year and a fresh start, so I finally bit the bullet and researched some resources to help you AND me get over our picture paralysis already!

To start, focus on photos you’ll take from this day forward. Once you have a system and develop a habit, it’s much easier to tackle the past years’ pics.

1. Develop a Photo Filing System

That’s right, start with an organizing plan! In order to keep up with saving, storing, and locating photos regularly, you need a simple, smart system. For example, the folder filing system on your computer.

You can create and name folders however works best for you, but I recommend organizing at least by year and month with folders for specific, memorable events. Here’s how mine looks as I’m starting to plan for 2015:

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 9.11.30 PM.png

2. Save and Edit Regularly

It is important to save all photos you take, from any camera or mobile device, to your computer regularly. When you take photos of a specific event or occasion, download them immediately and erase them from your memory card or phone. For all other miscellaneous photos, try to get in the habit of downloading them weekly.

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 12.04.39 PM.png

Once you’ve saved photos to your computer, go through and edit to discard any crummy shots or duplicates. You’re striving for quality over quantity, and you’ll be glad you took the time to edit them later.

3. Create a Backup Plan

It’s always smart to have a back-up plan, and dealing with precious family photos is certainly no exception. An external hard drive is one easy option, but of course that means that if the hard drive is lost, stolen, or damaged, so are your photos.

For that reason, some people prefer one of the many Cloud-based systems that have cropped up in recent years.

Choosing the right Cloud service can feel overwhelming. We got a lot of great information from this article by fellow professional organizer, Lauren Halagarda, of

Halagarda recommends photo sharing and storage sites like Flickr, Google Plus Photos, Photobucket and SmugMug for a few key reasons:

  • They offer lots and lots of storage.

  • It’s super easy to share your photos with friends and family near and far.

  • You (and whomever else you designate) can download the original photo. Great for printing!

  • They offer lots of great bonus features such as photo editing, facial recognition, automatic upload/backup, and much much more.

  • They serve as an off-site backup—just in case.

Halagarda created a comparison chart of the top cloud-based providers that is too good not to share:

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 12.56.40 PM.png


Bottom line: Find what works for you, and make photo back-up a regular habit.

4. Print Your Favorites

The point of taking photos is to enjoy them and the memories they capture. So don’t just leave them neatly filed away in the clouds. Print them! Show your loved ones and favorite moments off!

Most photo storage and sharing sites make it pretty easy to order prints, but there is another service that’s caught my attention: Free Prints Now. (Did they say “free?!”). For the cost of shipping, you get up to 1,000 free 4×6 prints every year. You can upload photos from your computer, phone, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, or Picasa accounts and there’s also an app to make the whole process even easier. I also like that you can order larger and odd-sized prints, including 5” x 5”, that are perfect for artsy Instagram photos.

If you’re in need of some new frames for those special photos, January is your lucky month! Aaron Brothers is having its bi-annual One Cent Sale: Buy one frame, get a second frame for a penny!


Now if you’re feeling really fired up, I say you get extra credit for turning favorite photos into artwork, albums, or family yearbooks.

Here are just a few great resources:

Canvas on Demand – Turn photos into a work of art on ready-to-hang stretched canvas.

canvas.jpgcanvas 2.jpg

Minted – Create truly unique custom photo art.

minted 1.jpgminted 6.jpg


Artifact Uprising – Create super high-quality prints, photo books, calendars and unique items like wood prints.

artifact uprising.jpg

Chat Books – Purchase $6 mini books one-at-a-time or through a subscription linked to your Instagram account.


Blog2Print - Create a printed version of your family blog as a yearbook.

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 9.53.20 PM.png

My Social Book – Print a copy of your Facebook photos and posts for any given period of time.

my social book.jpg

I know this is a lot of information, but I’m sure feeling more motivated than I was way back in 2014. This IS the year I’m going to get and keep my photos organized. How about you?

Let me know how you’re doing so we can compare notes!


If you’re still feeling overwhelmed, try working with a professional. I’ve heard great things about Molly Bullard at Seattle Photo Organizing. She’ll work with you one-on-one and also hosts classes for both Mac and PC users.

The post above is a copy of the article I wrote for the online publication of Seattle’s Child, where I publish bi-weekly articles on home organization. To see a complete list of all past articles, please visit the Reclaim Your Home section on Seattle’s Child. See this article on the Seattle’s Child website here


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December 29, 2014

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